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Content is the undoubted king of the blog or any website. People are going to come to see your blog or the website only to read content and if the content is not exciting you may have the best-looking website in the world but nobody is going to read or stay in there. Even Amazon, Alibaba, for that matter uses precise and excellent content which entices you to buy the stuff. If when you want to make money from the blog or promote a product on your website or a service on your website, you need excellent content.

Content is information, purest information precisely. When your brain processes any information that is content, it can stimulate content when you write it. Smell, sound sight, taste, and touch; are the five primary senses of a human being that are constantly feeding content to our brain. Our brain processes information in a fraction of seconds. It generates feeling which further generates as emotions and which combinates meaning as the action that is exactly the purpose of the content.

If we see google trends or search anything in google, we are going to come up with various topics. If there is a lot of searches on the topic, we can use that as a topic provided. It is something we can write about once we know the topic. Once you have selected the topic there are various software’s available on how to find subheads, keywords, and the other information we need to blend in the content.

The first source of information for any content writer is his/her general knowledge and there’s nothing that can beat that because when you held the knowledge nobody can you, you know whether the person is telling the truth or not. The second-best source of information for content is a personal experience because experiences are unique and what the person has felt is only described by the person. Once these two main sources are known for content the further third step is to do research. It is the key to the content. If the person doesn’t have a general knowledge or personal expertise in the particular field, at that point various websites, videos, can be the way for content finding or writing the content. The lots of websites from various universities, schools, governments, financial institutes, media, large medium companies, trade unions associations, sports clubs are excellent sources of content or content for researches. When you read these websites, you will find that they are giving you accurate information or at least near accurate information because information changes over some time a while. On the other hand, we can use an encyclopedia which may be lying in our homes in some corner or available online.,,, are some of the best encyclopedias we can refer to, to have enough information about the content. Furthermore, watching TV also keeps you updated with the news and relevance to our content.

Looking into the scenario of World War II, If the French writer has written regarding the world war, he will write the French perspective giving references, sources that are from France and possible the article could be favoring France, if a German is writing he would use references that are from German and favorable to his country and therefore the opinion or information contained there else would be more from German perspective whereas the real perspective is missing. Sometimes a lot of information can be outdated in the websites, Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an excellent resource only as far as you can find reference links to do research. If we look closely at Wikipedia, you’ll find a lot of references link which is given at the bottom and that can be excellent sources for research.

Across the world, two main systems are used to write content, the inverted pyramid technique, and the arrowhead/pyramid technique. Inverted pyramid techniques are used in the newspaper. An inverted pyramid is like an ice-cream cone. All the information goes in the top and all the supporting information moves down, tapers down to the end. For 300–500 words content, the inverted pyramid is perfect but for longer content pyramid technique is better. In pyramid structure you start it by asking a question creating an interest, generating an interest, fear of emotion or any other emotion, and as go on you start providing relevant details bit by bit till you reach the bottom, that is the heaviest of all information and you call end with a call to action. The pyramid technique is used by bloggers, moto vloggers around the world because there’s no limit about how many words you could use, you will find it the smart way to write in an article. There’s going to be a lot of information that will be flowing automatically. At the same time, you have to ensure the flow of your information is seamless. To maintain seamless transition of words and phrasing would be closely be done.


Experiencing the turn over moreover learning everyday, every time, everywhere

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Bhupendra DC

Experiencing the turn over moreover learning everyday, every time, everywhere